Best Real Estate Deals In A Down Market

Dated: 10/21/2014

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      As a Realtor for the last 16 years I am often asked, "How is the market?" "What is the best deal right now?"These are great questions that actually have several ways to answer. Single Family homes, Town Homes, Condos, investments, all have their own markets. Residential and commercial as well. Some are often better than the other. But what does one do when all markets are trending down? This is where having a Realtor that knows their market, keeps up with market trends, and is educated on all aspects of Real Estate, greatly enhance your chances of purchasing the best home at the best price! 

There are agents out there that send only new listings and stress the importance of RIGHT NOW! We have to see this house RIGHT NOW! we have to make an offer, RIGHT NOW! Sometimes that is the case and has to be done! But, what about the homes with large market time?
 "Well, there must be something wrong with them right? " Not always!!  In most cases it is the price. Sometimes sellers are not always given an accurate list price by their agent, or maybe the sellers feels their home is worth more, OR maybe a seller is just waiting for an offer. Did you know that after 95+ days on the market, most banks consider their properties aged? Most of them will do incredible things to get these homes off their books.  Why not look at those?
How about owners that have maybe relocated in the past couple weeks and maybe they have a buy out from their company? You have to make offers, you have to open your search up in a down market! You have to be patient!  I am not saying go out and low ball everyone, that isn't going to work right now, but you may find a gem in one of those 95+ DOM homes.  It just might be that your perfect home has been there, on the market all this time.  If you think you are missing out on some of these nice homes, please email or call. It can't hurt to talk. 

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